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‘Keys to the Metaverse’. An interesting NFT project launches 4000 unique NFT keys on the Blockchain

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‘Keys to the Metaverse’. An interesting NFT project launches 4000 unique NFT keys on the Blockchain

November 18
11:02 2021

‘Keys to the Metaverse’ is a revolutionary NFT project. These are a set of Unique Keys that are created and registered on the Blockchain. 4000 unique keys will be initially launched as collectibles for NFT enthusiasts to own. Each key as a collectible will have a unique artwork associated with it. The keys are made to depict future possibilities on one end, while honoring ancient wisdom and beliefs on the other end.

View the NFTs HERE.

Innovative Unique Traits and properties.

With the concept of the Metaverse taking shape rapidly, the ‘Keys to the Metaverse’ project aims to position itself as a unique NFT collection in this space. Every key in the collection has a plethora of unique features that will make it a stunning piece to add to your NFT collection. Apart from having a unique address on the block chain, the traits of each piece differs in an interesting manner. From the key color, head, key type – to – having different makes, shaft, tip, key collar etc. each key has an artistically unique signature. Granular details like different closed and open wards, side cuts, ridges and notches are for sure amazing to take note of.

The keys are divided broadly into 3 different categories: Genesis, Evolution and revolution. Also as the collection expands, certain type of keys also gets different keychains. The chain, key fob etc. of each key also vary. The concepts used to create the key heads and key fobs are a feast to the eyes and mind of the beholder. One can learn about what the head and key fob denotes by just searching on the internet about those particular traits. This takes the NFT enthusiast way beyond just holding a collectible to learning about the Key itself and its traits.

Roadmap for the ‘Keys to the Metaverse’ project.

While the project boasts of a very unique and interesting set of pixel art collectables, there seems to also be an amazing roadmap in place.

The vision of the project is that the keys will play a very important role in the upcoming Metaverse. The team behind the project will enable the NFTs to be easily integrated into any application, game etc. in the Metaverse. Thus giving a utility to the NFTs in future. 

… Currently there are 4000 unique keys that are listed on NFT marketplaces. The innovative art and concept of each Key is driving interest among NFT collectors presently. But the project has an ambitious technical roadmap to it. The team is right now speaking with many blockchain protocols and professional investors to support them achieve this roadmap… the community will be updated as good things keep happening…

Some of the futuristic plans the team has for this project are:

– Cross chain Bridges: One of the main goal for the project is to develop cross-chain bridges. So an owner of the NFT can transfer his Key across chains at will.

– API Layer: A secure, open and well documented API layer / SDK. So any application, game in the Metaverse can integrate the Keys however they like.

– Fractional NFTs: One other milestone is to enable each NFT to have fractional ownership ie. A owner of a key should be able to split the NFT into multiple pieces and create a community under each Key. By selling each unit, so a group of different wallets can own a Key. This feature can be developed or the project can integrate with any 3rd party service providing this feature.

– Traits based notifications: This is another ambitious plan the project has. The team wants to develop a mechanism that can provide permission based notifications to the NFT owners based on the offers that Key gets (via. the applications that have integrated the NFT in their platforms).

So when are these milestones set to launch or who will do it? When asked this question, the team made sure that they don’t want to create a demand for the NFTs by promising these features. And in no way the current sales and these proposed milestones are connected. Infact they wanted to make sure that the buyers should not buy the NFT based on the roadmap the project has, but for the artistic value each pixel art Key provides currently. The roadmap is something the team wishes to accomplish and they are working towards it. The approach they have taken to complete these ambitious milestones are by creating tie-ups with interested blockchain protocols. And tapping any blockchain grants or competitions to fund the development.

Social Media Links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NFTCryptoArt1

Medium: https://medium.com/@keys2metaverse

LinkTree: https://linktr.ee/keystometaverse

OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/keys-to-the-metaverse

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KeystoMetaverse

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/AcFzucTuBQI1M2Ix

Media Contact
Company Name: Keys to the Metaverse
Contact Person: Krish K
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Country: India
Website: https://keystometaverse.com