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WIMI 5G Technology Creates a New Dimension for XR, the Application Fields of the Metaverse Keep Expanding

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WIMI 5G Technology Creates a New Dimension for XR, the Application Fields of the Metaverse Keep Expanding

December 30
21:42 2021

XR refers to extended reality, including VR, AR and MR. Through wearable devices and computer technology, XR can bring the real and virtual environment and human-computer interaction to the audience, realizing the “immersive” experience of seamless transition between the virtual world and the real world. In fact, XR is not a new concept. As early as 2016, XR once led the trend of The Times. This time, XR is making a comeback.

5G has developed rapidly in the past two years. More than 1.15 million 5G base stations have been built in China, making it the world’s largest and most technologically advanced INDEPENDENT 5G network. In the two years since 5G became commercially available, consumers are already feeling tangible benefits from faster Internet speeds, easier video viewing and easier games. This is supported by the rapid development of 5G network construction. China and the world have made remarkable achievements in 5G development. A large number of 5G base stations provide powerful support for consumers to surf the Internet smoothly and meet users’ increasing demand for traffic. The traffic value of virtual access has reached a new height.

The new hot trend — metaverse had brought more attentions on XR. Metaverse is to create a virtual but realistic virtual society, from VR technology of virtual reality to AR technology of augmented virtual reality, MR technology of mixed virtual reality and XR technology of extended virtual reality, the emergence of these technologies let people gradually enter the field of metaverse. Many people believed that it is the beginning of the era of metaverse, one of the main evidence is that XR technologies are relatively mature. In 2021 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, for example, XR technology made Jackson Wong “appeared” on the stage to celebrate the New Year while he is not actually there due to his schedule.

In the some of the opinions, the metaverse contains the video games, AR/VR, virtual reality linkage, new social networks and so on. However, experts put forward a more professional view that the nature of the metaverse is the Internet ecology with 3D interaction as the main increment of next generation. It is a consensus, but also a breeze, with bubbles and risks. However, the bubble will eventually fade, and the next generation of Internet with 3D interaction and XR as the new experience of the metaverse will finally come. At present, what science and technology enterprises and society need to do is to create this real virtual world through virtual reality technology.

Video games, social and virtual reality scenarios can be perfectly interacted and combined with XR technology in the metaverse. It can be said that XR has created a brand new mobile intelligent experience mode, and the future can be expected. As a new generation of communication network infrastructure, 5G can inject new vitality into XR technology evolution and scene application. With the combination of 5G and XR, in the future, audiences can also enjoy immersive watching at home by wearing XR devices, and even experience the charm of the scene from the singer’s first perspective, so as to obtain richer music appreciation experience.

As the pioneer of holographic industry solutions and the leading 3D computer vision technology solution provider in China, WIMI.US is exploring the integration of 5G and XR technology and vigorously developing 5G +XR application ecology. It actively explores the synergistic development of the Internet of Things and industrial Internet, taking cloud services as the bottom layer, cooperating with all kinds of XR businesses, using edge computing system supplemented by diversified terminal devices, and giving full play to the advantages of 5G network with high speed and low delay. At present, WIMI has built a 5G+ industry metaverse integrating cloud, network and terminal in advertising and entertainment, cultural tourism, education and publicity, trade and exhibition and other industries, helping related industries reduce costs in the use of XR business and enabling industrial digital upgrading.

5G is a leading project in new infrastructure, an information connection platform for artificial intelligence, big data centers and other fields, and a driving force for the development of XR industry. On the one hand, 5G technology solves the short board of WIMI XR with large bandwidth and low latency. On the other hand, 5G will also promote the realization of lightweight XR equipment and effectively reduce production costs. Therefore, as the commercial side of 5G gradually opens, the potential of WIMI XR will also be released. Learned that micro beauty holographic contains mainly engaged in the direction of 3 d holographic pulse LiDAR technology, holographic visual semiconductor technology, holographic AR virtual advertising technology, holographic AR virtual entertainment technology, yuan the universe holographic AR technology, virtual cloud services, and other cross-border services, to be able to XR technology and multimedia integration and then create a new interactive entertainment marketing field.

From the perspective of long-term value, the performance potential of the emerging Chinese market and the new value of the US market make the business prospects of WIMI more sexy. WIMI has many years of experience in holographic XR industry. As a listed company in the XR industry, it is also well-known in the industry. Advertising and entertainment are the main platforms for its value-added business income, and its advertising income is closely related to the overall performance of WIMI. With the fervour of the metaverse, WIMI will benefit from the increasing number of its service objects, and there is still a large space for the endogenous growth of advertising and entertainment value-added services. This means that WIMI Holography relies on business attributes to continuously enrich and improve XR content, data transmission and screen display effect, and bring the audience a more profound sensory experience. Advertising and entertainment may be extremely close to the dividend of the metaverse industry, WIMI to maintain rapid growth, the future in the metaverse application field will continue to expand.

As 5G scale deployment and application innovation continues to advance, 5G+XR model is also giving birth to a large number of new application scenarios including social, office, entertainment, exhibition and education, which will provide a broad space for the development of the meta-universe industry. It is understood that At present, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom are accelerating into the game, in overcoming 5G and XR integration development technical problems, the development of industry-related standards to seize the initiative in the track. Relying on the current rapidly developing 5G communication technology, megnates are also increasing layout and investment in THE XR field, intensively developing their own products and reserving their core technology patents. Apple, Google, META and Qualcomm are all crazy about it.

The metaverse has great future scenarios with a wide range of applications. For example, a digital city can be built so that people can shopping, go to the concerts, socializing and have meetings in the virtual city through XR glasses or helmets without leaving their homes. For example, investors can conduct research on the factories and facilities modeled in the metaverse in their offices around the world. The concept of the metaverse is that people can create a “parallel world” without the restrictions of the real world. Compared with the current reality that has gradually become “solid”, a metaverse parallel world beyond imagination is more in line with the “oasis” that young people in the Z era yearn for.

Currently visible technology and products at the interface between virtual and reality, such as XR, have also gone out of their own rhythm, and the level of investment and financing has returned to the high point in 2016. It is worth mentioning that, according to incomplete statistics, a total of 18 financing mergers and acquisitions were completed in XR industry in 2021, including 6 domestic and 12 aboard, with a total value of about 600.39 million YUAN. XR and other technologies and products are most likely to become a key to open the gate of metaverse, followig to the megnates’ steps, it is more reasonable that this day will eventually come.

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