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Ape Island develops an intriguing and simplistic Play to Earn game

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Ape Island develops an intriguing and simplistic Play to Earn game

May 12
01:57 2022

Games are one thing that mitigates worries and lights up the mood. Games are loved so much that even  when there is nothing else to do, people spend their time playing one game or another be it online or  offline to pass their time. Sometimes, we remember those games that we used to play in our childhood.  At that time technology was not as it is now. Many of us have grown up playing 2D games. 

But in the last two decades, we have witnessed technological advancements in this industry. Then came  the era of 3D and motion games, which took the gaming experience to a whole new level. But with this,  games started becoming complicated and complex for light game lovers and inexperienced ones.  Earning extra money while playing the game is like icing on the cake.  

Ape Island took this challenge as a golden opportunity and teamed up with game lovers to develop a  game that could lighten players’ moods and provide them an extra source of income. They started  developing a game with the principle of generalized inclusion of users in the world of Play to Earn  games, whether they are experienced in NTFs games or beginners. Based on this principle, they are  looking forward to reaching as many people as they can and bringing them to the world of play-to-earn  games on blockchain, having their project as a gateway and one of the main references of success. And  so, contribute to the expansion of the company and the game, besides helping to spread this market by  attracting more and more users to this economic model that mixes fun and profitability. 

A recent survey predicts a valorization superior to US$200 billion in the gaming market by the end of  2023. The NFT gaming sector represents only 3% of this market and in 2021 it was responsible for  moving approximately US$5 billion. Considered one of the main boosters of Blockchain adoption among  the general public, the segment has also attracted the attention of technology and finance industry  giants, bringing even more innovation and profitability possibilities for visionary investors looking to  multiply their capital.  

Ape Island looked for inspiration in classic games that present simplicity and lots of fun. They have  added surprising elements and a fun story with an innovative theme so that players could enter the  narrative in an uncomplicated way, and have fun jumping in the shoes of our characters through a crazy  world with many possibilities to earn more and more rewards. 

The interface of the game is quite simple and recalls the time of our childhood. There are three main  islands in the game: Ape Island, Cat Island, and Snake Island. Each island has a total of 5 main stages  (daily task) and 5 extra stages (daily challenge), which can be unlocked as each stage is completed. A 

user will find several in-game items and apes, e.i. Unique characters, internal store, the possibility of an  upgrade, yield booster factor, and much more. 

The Ape Island project is backed by excellent team members that are from mixed cultures from different  countries and have a lot of experience. Software engineers, economists, publicists, designers,  experienced investors, and, above all, people passionate about games.  


We all have played games various times in our lifetime. Some of us like offline games like Football, Golf,  Tennis, Cricket, etc., and some like online games. But when offline gaming is not feasible due to bad  weather or alien surroundings, all we look for is online gaming. Games spark happiness in our bodies  and lighten the mood. It’s always good to get monetary benefits while stressing out and games like Ape  Island are always good to have on our devices. 

CEO Tiago Marinho says – 

“By playing Ape Island, we guarantee the user a universe of nostalgia combined with great income, in a  quick, fun, and easy way! Our game presents itself as a solid, promising project with infinite possibilities  that suggest a great appreciation in the medium and long term.”  

Website Link: https://www.apeislandgame.io/

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