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Bitcovault Team Reviewed the Crypto Market in May, 2022 and Possibilities for Investors

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Bitcovault Team Reviewed the Crypto Market in May, 2022 and Possibilities for Investors

May 28
08:46 2022
Cryptocurrencies Mid- and Long-Term Crypto Predictions in May, 2022

On May 26, 2022, the Cryptocurrency Fear and Greed Index dropped to a score of 12, indicating an extreme level of fear in the market. Back on May 7, the index was much higher, at 23 points. The next day it was down to 18, and since May 9 it has been fluctuating in the 8 to 14 point range. The last time the index fell to 8 points was on March 28, 2020, when financial markets fell due to risks of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result, bitcoin, ether and many other cryptocurrencies updated local lows in early May. The former cryptocurrency was down to $26,700 and Ethereum to $1,800.

“The situation in the cryptocurrency market is mixed. Bitcoin has a close connection to the U.S. stock market, which has been falling for seven weeks in a row. As soon as an active sale of stocks begins, market participants immediately sell cryptocurrency,” said one financial analyst.

As for the medium-term prospects, expectations are not so bright, agreed another analyst. In his opinion, the most likely continuation of the corrective movement: in the absence of shocks in the market, the rates of major cryptocurrencies may fall in the coming months even within 40% of the current level.

“The expected trend reversal will tentatively come not earlier than the middle of 2023. The historical perspective shows that market cycles are about 4 years (every 2 years there is a change in the global trend), so even with the decline in the value of assets there is reason to believe that the value will recover and even grow in the next 2-3 years,” he concluded.

According to many experts, a new cryptocurrency price maximum is expected by the next Bitcoin halving in 2024.

How to make money in the cryptocurrency market without risks?

Cryptocurrencies and the cryptocurrency market are an investor’s paradise, the buying and selling spreads, the rate difference within a short period of time reaches tens of percent – knowing where bitcoin, etherium and other cryptocurrencies will go, you can significantly multiply your investment capital.

And if you do not guess where bitcoin will go, you can lose a significant amount. The conclusion is that the cryptocurrency market is a great opportunity for investors, but at the same time an extremely risky instrument for financial investments.

And is it possible to invest in the crypto market without exposing yourself and your finances to such a significant risk of losing everything?

Today we will talk to Oleg Zyrianov, the founder and owner of Bitcovault, a manufacturing company that develops and produces the most advanced bitcoin ATMs and sells them in the US market and in other countries. In addition, Bitcovault is the developer of professional crypto ATM software that can be installed on almost any cryptocurrency exchange terminal on the market. The software is so versatile that it can even be put on a regular bank ATM and thus turn it into a crypto ATM.

What to do not to wait 2-4 years and not to risk the investment capital?

According to the CEO of Bitcovault – direct investment in cryptocurrencies themselves is not the most reliable way to preserve and increase your capital.

It is much more profitable and reliable to invest in infrastructure, which serves the cryptocurrency market – allows clients to buy and sell bitcoins.

One such tool is crypto ATMs – terminals through which people can buy and sell cryptocurrencies for cash.

These transactions involve mostly individuals, the amounts are relatively small, but the transactions are regular and the owner of the crypto ATM earns its commission on each transaction, which on average in the market is from 8 to 20%.

This is a much more reliable way to make money from cryptocurrencies without exposing yourself to falling rates and other associated risks. You can buy an ATM and start earning almost immediately. You can read more about the process of starting a crypto terminal business here.

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