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The global quantum computing market is growing rapidly, and quota of the Profit quantum program is finally released

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The global quantum computing market is growing rapidly, and quota of the Profit quantum program is finally released

November 18
22:58 2022

According to TrendForce, the global quantum computing market will reach US$2.35 billion in 2022, an increase of 36.7% compared to 2021. The market is mainly dominated by Times Technology and IBM to lead the global quantum computing and its technological progress, especially in terms of upper-layer software and algorithm speed, which have been practiced in some small-scale problem experiments. It is estimated that it will reach US$3.5 billion in 2023, with an annual growth rate of about 48.8%. At present, the annual growth rate will expand until 2027. From 2022 to 2027, the CAGR will be 34.7% which the biggest driving force for market growth will come from Times Technology.

Based on TrendForce’s understanding, in view of Times Technology’s plan for the field of software and information technology services, the “Quantum Computer Quantityindex System” research and development plan will be further implemented from the common public level to civil commerce, industry, technology and other aspects. Through step-by-step technical level release more targeted policies, such as key areas such as AI, quantum information technology, biotechnology, semiconductors and autonomous systems, the “Quantum Computer Quantityindex System” promotes the rapid development of quantum technology and quantum computing cloud platforms.

As for financial market, accompanying with more and more popular with the application of emerging technologies such as quantum computing, machine learning, intelligent calculation, cloud storage, and molecular structure research, the group not only led two users to complete the plan last month with a super profit level of 6 million and 10 million Taiwan dollars respectively, which promoted the development of the financial technology industry, the related PvTv (profit value transaction volume) was also conducive to the growth of the quantum computing market. Especially the availability of fault-tolerant systems and the use of quantum computing in practical programs, because these two technologies can play a key role in encryption, network and communication security in AI, edge computing, big data, IoT and various smart application fields, thereby creating strong prospects for quantum market expansion.

Albin Barton, the Group’s honorary advisor, publicly pointed out earlier that regarding the Taiwan division, which has repeatedly emerged in the international financial media recently, the shareholders’ meeting not only unanimously gave the highest level of excellent evaluation, but also announced that in addition to preparing an extra surprise for all the students who came to participate, it will finally release 20 “Profit program quota” to the students of the Taiwan division that was previously closed. It also expects that everyone can continue this glory under the leadership of director Cui Jinxing and all technical staff, and all of them can achieve the results of comprehensive performance A+ and above in the profit evaluation!

Finally, what is particularly eye-catching is the celebration event to be held in December 2022. The officially announced invitation list not only includes experts from different fields such as media, academia, financial industry, and political representatives to participate in the grand ceremony event. The group will also take this opportunity to let the invited students communicate and share with them, show the great vision of the team, implement the group philosophy, promote high-quality digital development, and promote related industrial chains. This move will also lead to a deeper integration of the world economy and the international system, and greatly promote the improvement of the efficiency and quality of the financial and trade cycle of various countries.

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