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Worldwide Attention: WMBT to Host 2023 Web3.0 Summit Forum on Digital Economy in Hong Kong China, Reinforcing China’s Position in Global Innovation

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Worldwide Attention: WMBT to Host 2023 Web3.0 Summit Forum on Digital Economy in Hong Kong China, Reinforcing China’s Position in Global Innovation

May 09
00:26 2023
Hong Kong China, a leading international financial hub, is emerging as a significant growth arena for the innovative digital economy powered by Web3. The autonomous Chinese territory is well-positioned to capitalize on the opportunities offered by the burgeoning decentralized technologies, thereby driving global economic transformation.

This May, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center is set to host a major event in the global financial landscape, the 2023 Global Digital Economy Web3.0 Summit Forum. WMBT International Investment Group is leading the event organization, with support from prominent institutions across England, Europe, Poland, Britain, Switzerland, Singapore, and Cyprus.

The summit is anticipated to play a significant role in shaping the future of the digital economy on both regional and international scales, fostering collaboration and dialogue between industry experts and academics. A key highlight of the event will be the introduction of the world’s first digital stock issuance, accompanied by the first-ever digital stock forum. The discussions and developments at the forum are expected to pave the way for innovations in global finance and the broader digital economy.


WMBT International Investment Group

Co organizer:

EU APP – Industrial Development Agency SA

Polish Ministry of Sports and Tourism

European Digital Exchange

Tarnobreq City Government

Holy Cross Provincial Government of Poland


Digital Europe Program


Goldstone International Investment Group

Hong Kong Zhongding Capital

ABC Digital Asset Management Company, UK

Swiss Gideon Insurance Company

European China Chamber of Commerce

Singapore E-commerce Association

French Chinese Cultural Exchange Association

University of Rzeszów, Poland

European Tianyou Fund

Shanduomei Group

PrimumAuxilium Association

Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Türkiye

Swiss Anato Digital Fund

The upcoming 2023 Global Digital Economy Web3.0 Summit Forum, along with the world’s first digital stock meeting, is poised to gather global experts and scholars to discuss the current state, challenges, and future of the digital economy. Digital stocks within the Web3.0 eco-finance framework are anticipated to usher in a new era marked by both opportunities and challenges on a global scale.

The digital stock forum are set to host an impressive roster of attendees, featuring celebrities, industry elites, and representatives from renowned institutions worldwide, all coming together to exchange ideas and insights.

Partial Attendees

World renowned economists: Marc Guillaume

Members of the Polish National Parliament: Krzysztof Lipiec

Members of the Polish National Parliament: Michat Cieslak

Vice Chairman of the International Cooperative Digital Alliance: Eric Assel

President of the French International Exposition: Francois Guggenheim

Polish Minister of Sports and Tourism: Anna Krupka

Representative of the Republic of Palau to Southeast Asia, China: Dr. Paul Zhang

Technological innovation has emerged as the driving force behind the global digital economy’s growth. A central theme for the event will be exploring ways to fully harness the value of decentralized ecological applications, enhance the convenience of digital assets, and ensure that digital finance serves the global population. As the first summit forum of its kind, the event is expected to generate novel ideas for the world economy, integrate technological advancements into the global digital economy, and promote high-quality industry development.

The conference also invited Mr. Jean Francois Robinet, a former member of the Paris Regional Assembly in France. Mr. Eric Assel, Vice Chairman of the International Union for Peace and Cooperation (French Alliance). And Su Rushi, the representative of the Asia Pacific region of the Global Digital Exchange, Ambassador of WMBT International Investment Group, and Vice President of the European Chamber of Commerce. 

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