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The creation beyond the Times – A Brief Analysis of Cheng Zhang’s “Red” and his “Cold Silverism”

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The creation beyond the Times – A Brief Analysis of Cheng Zhang’s “Red” and his “Cold Silverism”

April 02
15:54 2021

This is an age long gone from the masters of art.

Not long ago, I was gratified to see a new and unprecedented presentation of art. This is the “Cold Silverism” painting created by Cheng Zhang, the founder of “Cold Silverism”. 


Concept Material

In my mind, The first time I saw Mr. Cheng Zhang was in 2019 SNBA. At that time, he was arranging his exhibited work “Red”, which was also the first time I saw his work.

In this work, Cheng Zhang got rid of traditional painting skills, and people can see the smooth, thin semi-fluid raw material because the artist made the incredibly lower viscosity paint. The overall painting brings a feeling of fast speed and fluid and runny brushstrokes, but it can be seen that it doesn’t lack artist’s pondering over the work. There is a cutting head across the entire painting at a 45-degree angle from left to right, and many symbols outlined with scrapers to make the painting become more interesting. “Red” in the form of expression, the natural and deepest highlight of the nation’s typical color and picture meaning, but also dispose of the superficial symbolism and shallow conceptual symbolic expression. This creative expression ability and artistic thinking are unique among all Chinese artists in the past. This profound understanding of painting and the ability to grasp the foresight of creation is far from what ordinary artists possess and can control. Observed from the context of international contemporary art, this is a rare artistic breakthrough and creative perspective, and the development and progress of world art need artists like Cheng Zhang who dares to improve and create. Another outstanding charm of “Red” lies in the pure and visual barrier-free sense of the painting form language structure conveyed by the work, which can be directly read without re-converting the work. In addition, the work has the uniqueness of Cheng Zhang’s particular creative spirit.

It is Cheng Zhang’s unusual artistic talent that makes him achieve extraordinary artistic achievements, so he deserves to be the true pioneer of Chinese contemporary art.

In Cheng Zhang’s “City·Shadow” from an early age, brushstrokes are very textured which makes the painting becomes vivid. American abstract expressionist artist Willem de Kooning fully expressed his emotions with fast and strong strokes, and the artist Cheng Zhang’s bold and powerful strokes impressed people, while the colors were multiple and intense, which gave a strong visual impact. In his later stage of “City·Shadow”, Cheng Zhang gradually found his style of work, setting silver as a key color, portraying many familiar urban scenes, but the difference is that the city covered with silver seems to be sealed by cement, and the city looks more firm and desolate. Some of the works are covered by irregular triangle fragments and scattered discs. These special mixed materials highlight the “cold” and “hard” that the artist aimed to express.

Part of the work

“Cold Silverism” is the first doctrine in the history of China to comprehend and create in the field of western art, and the first doctrine recognized by the western art world! It is a milestone in the history of art development! It was also a milestone in an unprecedented burst of international art after a long absence with the masters, and after years of silence. Different with all previous master and the founder, “Cold Silverism” broke the color for centuries, started a new metallic silver elements mixed coexist at the same time, using different material the cold silver silver element unreal space synthesis concept schema and the form language symbols, through multiple forms and multiple expression and intuitive performance work “cold” and “hard” spiritual “Cold Silverism” visual system.Pictures and streets are always covered by silver metallic elements, huge triangular beam under irregular fragments, different humanoid figure, irregular scattered disc and other different rendering, the space in different materials is strewn at random, each other blend staggered at an organic whole, become important symbols in his “Cold Sliverism”. The “Cold Sliverism” created by Cheng Zhang has completely gone beyond all forms of art under the framework of our current era and contemporary art consciousness, breaking unprecedented all the existing frameworks and constraints of art development up to now. It surpasses all the imaginations and breakthroughs made by artists over the centuries. That’s the kind of genius we really want to see! We have the honor to witness the “Cold Silverism” as the strongest vane of the vanguard of the new trend of thought of the world’s contemporary art, which is pushing the development process of the world’s contemporary art with unprecedented strength.

Destruction & Reconstruction – Cold Silver Concept  Installation

Literally, the “Cold Silverism” created by Cheng Zhang and all his concept of practice , art language , observation and creation, its artistic attainments and achievements, are represented the most outstanding and rare outstanding art level in this age .What Cheng Zhang has accomplished and presented is an unprecedented creation, which can only be realized through the continuous transformation and evolution of ideology through centuries of observation and thinking! What he achieved was a miracle! This is almost beyond the imagination and beyond the reach of other artists. As the founder of “Cold Silverism”, Cheng Zhang has made unprecedented and irreplaceable contributions to the development of contemporary art in the world. Without doubt, he is the most outstanding art giant in our era! Great art often transcends time. Cheng Zhang and his Cold Silverism has long gone far beyond our times, far beyond any other contemporary artists! It is far beyond our original interpretation and evaluation framework for the art world. To be precise, what he has created is a cold-silver art system that belongs to the present era and more to the future world! It’s hard to imagine how he thought of it and how he did it. But he did. He is a great artistic genius. Therefore, he deserves to be the world’s leading contemporary art, a weathervane and a milestone! Cold silverism opens a new era, its arrival has a profound impact on the development and form of the world’s current art, but also unprecedented epoch-making history to promote the development of the world’s art process! The e sudden emergence of Cold Silverism, as well as his breakthrough art development track, has unprecedented rewrite our times, and will be remembered in the future by the history of art development in the world!

Chinese Contemporary Artist:CHENG ZHANG

Personal resume

Pioneer of Chinese contemporary art

The founder of Cold Silverism

The world’s contemporary art vane

International Exhibitor of Artexpo New York 2017

Prize winner of SALON DES BEAUX ARTS in Paris, France, 2019

Spokesperson of Italian DALMASO Red Wine on celebrating the 150th Anniversary of SALON DES BEAUX ARTS in Paris

“Cold Silver” intellectual property holder approved by EU Intellectual Property Office’s 28 member states.

Personal exhibition, award, collection, intellectual property, etc.

Created “Cold Silverism” painting in 2007;

Participated at the Artexpo New York in 2017 and his artistic creation of Cold Silver has been highly appraised by the jury committee and the chairman of event Mr. Eric Smith;

In 2018, the artwork “Interface” was collected by  Dubai Bureau of Culture for his outstanding contribution to the cultural exchanges between China and the United Arab Emirates;

In 2019, the artwrok “Red” was selected for the 2019 SALON DES BEAUX ARTS in Paris. And he was invited to attend the award ceremony which was held in Louvre, Paris.Therefore, he became the first painter from Shandong in China to participate in this event and received such honor in the past 150 years;

In 2019, the artwork “Red” was permanently published in the French edition yearbook of SALON DES BEAUX ARTS;

In 2019, the art work “Red” was selected as the honorary wine label by Italian Dalmaso Chateau to celebrate the 150th anniversary of salon des beaux arts;

In April 2020, artworks were selected to exhibit at Artexpo New York 2020;

In 2020, got the “Cold Silver” intellectual property certification approved by EU Intellectual Property Office’s 28 member states;

In October 2020, his artworks were selected to participate at Spectrum Miami Contemporary Art Exhibition, USA;

In December 2020,  won the “Outstanding Artist” Award of Spectrum Miami Contemporary Art Exhibition, USA


Michel King, Président
Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite
Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres
Peintre Officiel de la Marine

Media Contact
Contact Person: CHENG ZHANG
Email: Send Email
Country: China
Website: www.coldsilver.net

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